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Fences and Walls

Vandalism is pain to an urban garden. We’ll put up a stake or post in the evening for vines to climb up, only to have it ripped out of the ground, broken in pieces by the next morning.  Footsteps small and large cover our precisely prepared plots, our fledgling seedlings stamped to death. Trenches dug out are caved in within days.  Onions and garlic are chopped off and uprooted. The frustration is beginning to mount and we’re just over one month into the growing season. Continue reading


Prodigal Princess

For those of you who are parents, can you imagine the shock, joy, and celebration you’d be feeling if one of your children who had been missing returned? I am not a parent so I will not pretend to understand the emotions, but I think I would definitely want to find any way possible to show them how dearly they are loved. Unconditionally loved. Just as there is nothing your child (or any other member of your family) could do to separate them from your love, there is nothing we can do to separate us from God’s love. Although if you ask Christians or other God-followers, you might feel the opposite is true. Continue reading