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Community Garden – Women’s Work

We’ve written a short blog for Kitchen Gardeners International, who provided our community garden with a micro-grant for the past two summers.  Here’s the story about how a group of resilient women can help to transform a community.  http://kgi.org/blog/spencergarrett/spencer-garrett-community-garden-womens-work


Summer Update in Pictures

In less than two days, we’ll be boarding a jet bound for Yangon, Burma.  We’ll be spending almost three weeks in that mysterious country (it’s between Thailand and India, and has been largely isolated from the world, a pariah of sorts, until the past few years).  The purpose of our trip is to explore our faith (you have to get out of your comfort zone to challenge your faith); to be a bridge between our Burma family in Aurora and our extended Burma family still living there (you’ll recall the “unreachable” feeling many refugees feel); and to bring a message of peace, unity, hope, and love to our fellow humans living in Burma.

We plan to have lots of stories and updates upon our return.  Stay tuned.  But here’s what we’ve been up to (in photos) the past few months:  Continue reading

Fences and Walls

Vandalism is pain to an urban garden. We’ll put up a stake or post in the evening for vines to climb up, only to have it ripped out of the ground, broken in pieces by the next morning.  Footsteps small and large cover our precisely prepared plots, our fledgling seedlings stamped to death. Trenches dug out are caved in within days.  Onions and garlic are chopped off and uprooted. The frustration is beginning to mount and we’re just over one month into the growing season. Continue reading