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Community Garden – Women’s Work

We’ve written a short blog for Kitchen Gardeners International, who provided our community garden with a micro-grant for the past two summers.  Here’s the story about how a group of resilient women can help to transform a community.  http://kgi.org/blog/spencergarrett/spencer-garrett-community-garden-womens-work


Soccer Walls and Updates

Despite the human rights abuses, the poverty, the corruption, and the waste, I’m still a nut for the World Cup. I love seeing competition bring people together, watching which players will show their best and which will show their worst. I love seeing the greatness of the world’s elite athletes on full display. I love the battle for position, the chess-like strategy, the heroics, the scrapy-ness of the smaller countries, and the pressure on the perennial powerhouses.

A few weeks ago, before all the excitement bubbled over in Brazil, an organization I’ve been friendly with, the Burma Community Rangers Organization, Continue reading

Springtime Encounters

I love what Laura Schroff writes about loving others in her book The Invisible Thread. In reflecting on a chance encounter she had with a street kid in New York City that grew into the most important, longest-lasting relationship in her life, she writes: “If love is the greatest gift of all, and I believe it is, then the greatest privilege of all is to be able to love someone else.”

I had a chance encounter recently in Saudi Aurora. It was a snow-filled Sunday evening in April as I returned home from a meeting across town. The meeting had gone very long and my friend and I decided to leave before it ended, which was perfect timing because I got to meet Betty and learn how poorly I embrace the privilege of loving. Continue reading