Family Dinner

“Derek, Alicia, when I sit there at the long dinner table with all your family, I think of my family at home in Iraq. Thank you, brother; thank you, sister.”

Last night, we brought a couple friends to a family dinner and birthday party. One friend is a refugee from Iraq, a bachelor in his early thirties. His entire family–parents, five siblings, and all the extended Arab family–remains in Iraq. To sit at a long table full of food, laughter, and updates on life, this friend felt the warmth of family. After separation and isolation, he felt included in a place he belonged. He misses his family in Iraq but now he knows he has a family in Colorado and, to him, that made all the difference in the world.

For Alicia and I, our family has been our greatest gift–we did nothing to earn it. And so, we try to give what God has given to us. Why should others not share in what we’ve received so freely?


2 thoughts on “Family Dinner

  1. Johnny

    Family and friends are, when it comes down to it, the greatest gift. Thank you Derek and Alicia for not being to busy or to selfish to share yourself and family with those who need it more than we could ever imagine.


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